Meeting with Dr. Mojdeh Bayat

We visited Naseem’s mom yesterday to get a better idea of what we want to do, going forward – her mom (Dr. Bayat) is an assistant professor in early childhood development at DePaul, who had done some extensive research on starting a school while working on her doctorate. Going in, we had hoped to ask her some questions regarding how schools are run, what hardships she had ran into, and the like.

What we got out of this, however, was that money is the essential underlying ingredient in starting up a school. We need money to hire teachers, hire aid workers, buy the building… Rather than focusing on the curriculum, she said, we should focus on how to convince others to help us financially in this endeavor – degrees in business would be good, she emphasized, with a very strong background in economics.

It’s not that we haven’t thought about finance before, regarding the school – but we’ve always pushed that to the back of our minds. There’ll be a time and place for that, we thought. Apparently though, we’ll need to reconsider…


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